Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why Buy Handmade?

My love of handmade was ingrained from an early age, yet I struggled to find my art for years. I went through making little books in elementary school, clay building, painting, music, wood working and metal working and I finally found my home in the fiber arts world. I knew I wanted to create, needed to create, and that I'd burst if I couldn't make something with my hands. Perhaps that journey led me to realise just how *hard* is it to make something from scratch and to appreciate the time, effort and creativity it takes to make even just a bar of soap by hand.

Knowing that someone worked hard to make something unique just for me? Makes me giddy. *giddy*
Take this Nook case my friend Bethany just sewed me.
 Whoops, black on dark coffee table. Can you see it? It's adorable!

I love it to bits not just because it's lovely, but because half the fun was getting to pick my fabrics and know that Bethany spent time and effort to make something perfect for me! The joy wasn't just the item (which is really darn cool) but also the time and effort put in to creating it. And let me tell you, I'm not an easy woman to work with. I must have given her a headache with all my fabric choices. (She took a picture of all that she had, and I kept picking different ones lol). I'm going to cherish this much more than if I just went to the store and bought a generic one. It was also fun because it was a moneyless transaction. I made her something, she made me something.

Now how does this fit in to buying handmade? Not everyone has the chance to have something specially made just for them, but you do have the chance to choose from lots of different artists until you find something that calls to you. That item essentially is just for you! You're buying their time, talent and creativity in addition to the finished object. I get giddy when I see something well made and unique. It's like.. an artists high to see the creativity that came out of someone elses' brain. I don't have a competitive bone in my body, how can you in a field that is so individual and unique? Comparing two good dyers is like comparing apples and oranges. They both have their own style and signature that you like, or don't. If you don't like my fibers, I can probably show you half a dozen other fiber artists you may enjoy more and I encourage you to purchase from them! It's a wonderfully warm and supportive community and I'm sure most would do the same thing. Just as long as you're keeping it handmade and supporting the arts.


  1. Aww shucks! :D I'm so glad you love it!

  2. As you know I have been making things by hand for a long time and I'd like to think the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!