Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011: The Year of the Non Boring Prattle?

I was on the phone with my Mum yesterday and she said "I thought your blog was going to be more stories and stuff, not you just trying to sell things." It annoys me to no end when all someone does on twitter etc. is post etsy updates and such and it appalls me that I've been so busy lately that is basically what my blog has become. I blame the holidays.... but really I need to blame myself. I'm boring now! Where is the super dramatic reinterpretation of real world events that most people wouldn't even think to tell their partner if it happened to them?
(Random tangent: I chat all day at my @gnomenapper twitter, but I know that bothers some so I leave @dyeingforewe mainly shop things. Feel free to come chat with me!)

Gosh I can turn even the most boring event (say... walking the dog) into a multi arc blog post (haunted house!). 
I have lost my way.
Thankfully Boxing Day is almost over, and with it my last sale and obligation to myself to make my first holiday season on etsy a good one.... and time to get back to the idle prattle I am known for. Just to make sure it's not an incredibly boring prattle, I've taken up a new hobby! (Wait for it...)
I am the first to admit that despite having a Mum who creates museum pieces with her looms, I know absolutely NOTHING about weaving. I've been tootling around the internet reading up (after I bought the loom of course, because that makes the most sense) and keep having "aha!" moments when someone refers to something that I didn't even consider would be part of the process. I thought I'd just magically have it all together and get to do the fun part with the beater (yup, beater. Love it!) and the end process. There is a lot more to it then that. So pretty much prepare yourself for my defeats and minor victories as I learn the ins and out of my new 15" Schacht Flip loom.  
Will this interfere with my dyeing and spinning?
Possibly. But it's the slow season coming up right? Plus I have 3 bins of yarn. BIG BINS. So I figure this will help me with my stash. I have vast hopes of weaving handspun items full of rustic charm. That is the plan at least.

Oh right, and we got snow but I rode my scooter anyways. Take that Mother Nature! The power of the salt trucks and snow plows left me with nice clean roads for a bit today and I took advantage of it. (When Irma would start, it wasn't looking good for a bit.)

(Okay. I know perfectly well that last bit was ultra random, but I was really impressed with myself for going out on the roads so I had to brag. )

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate) and great holidays (whatever you do celebrate) and will have an amazing 2011!!

Photos are from today and taken by my husband. 

First Christmas day snowfall in our area since 1959!


  1. Nice pictures G! You really did get a wack of snow there... enjoy it while you can. :)

    Weaving? Um okay! I've created a fibre monster!

    :) Weever

  2. Weeeeeeving toooo!!! Eeeeeek! If "G" and me are going to be allowed in the same room as mother and daughter...we'll have to take up macrame.

    Good for you's a brave move, but I suppose you didn't really stand a chance, did you?

    I'm looking forward to seeing what comes off your new loom. Any pictures yet?

    Yer proud dad.

  3. No pictures yet as I actually just ordered the loom yesterday. It'll be a bit before I figure out the warping and setup I bet. You should probably expect more than a few phone calls for help in the near future!