Friday, December 10, 2010

A Ball Pit Full of Yarn and Fiber!

What is with the whole swimming in yarn and fiber thing? Let me try to explain...
I live in the country with a limited amount of yarn stores within a reasonable driving time. One of the first times I went to a full on proper yarn shop with recognisable brands like Berroco, Cascade, Debbie Bliss, Noro etc. put me in yarn bliss. I walked around touching everything that I'd only read about online for ages. My poor Mother in Law was incredibly patient with the yarn obsessed loony quietly walking around the store in awe.
Does this sound overly dramatic? Maybe a tad I suppose, but in my brain I was this overwhelmed. It was similar when I'd walk around the Royal Ontario Museum in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) all by my lonesome in awe of eveything I saw. Except this was better, I could *touch* everything!
Somehow that day turned into some weird obsession (which started as a joke fantasy) with being able to take all those balls of yarn and making a ball pit on the ground that I could swim and roll around in.

I'm only half joking about this too. One day wouldn't that be awesome?

I shall leave you with an adorable gnome photo that I stole from Weever's blog Thrums. It's her photo, but I'm sure she expected me to steal it, knowing my gnome relocating obsession. (Well, past obsession. I'm in gnome relocation rehab. This will be my first gnomenapping in 4 years.)

Photo belongs to Weeverwoman 2010

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  1. *GIGGLES* Gnome napping rehab! Love it!

    Also, there is nothing strange about wanting to swim in fiber!!