Saturday, December 11, 2010

The House that is Not to Be, Ninja Discount and Knitting- Oh my!

 (Let the doggie cuteness lead you in!)

Today started out on a hopeful note. My husband and I weren't looking to move, and certainly not a last minute move, but when he saw a large house available in town we called to take a look just because. The price was right and the lady seemed super nice. I was excited at the thought of a larger house (our space here is feeling extremely limited.) and being in town near shops and people. Sidewalks to walk my dogs on? Heaven.

I'm guessing by now you figured out it's not going to work out. It's such a shame really, because the house is wonderful. Lots of charm, huge kitchen and the master bedroom is like two huge rooms put together. But? The previous inhabitants were cleaning challenged. When you walked in all you could smell was overwhelming cat pee (a smell that instantly makes me gag. I can't get over it, it's probably the grossest smell in the world to me.) and it was just disgustingly dirty. It had *perfect* studio space, office for G and a great sun room. But I can't get over the smell. Plus the idea of moving on such short notice during the Holidays doesn't seem like a bright idea for anything but the perfect house.
Ah well, this house is fine and hopefully the next time we move it's into our *own* place.

Thanks for bearing with me as I rambled about houses- and in order to keep something bright about today I'm going to do a random ninja discount! (I did say stay tuned to the blog for contests and such right?)
The next person to purchase something will get their entire order 35% off  
(I will refund by paypal. Does not include shipping, but keep in mind I always refund any excess over $1).
I'm currently sitting at 147 sales, so #148 (and however many items they purchase) will get a treat discount!

Now, what are you working on fiber wise? I'm still on my knitting kick and cast on for an Ingenue sweater in a dark brown Wool of the Andes called Bittersweet. I'm hoping for something warm and versatile and this sweater has been on my radar for a bit now.

I finished the hubby yearly scarf. thank goodness! I had 2 hanks of Berroco Ultra Alpaca and just kept knitting until they were done, but boy do those puppies have a bunch of yardage. The scarf is like 8ft long!

...and the Happy Gloves for Rainne recently as well.

I'm thinking tonight will be spinning up a fun batt I got from Pumpkinhaus or more sweater knitting. Decisions Decisions!

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