Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Entry about My Dogs' Names

This is the silliest thing to complain about, considering they're both happy, healthy and wonderful pups. But I really dislike Odin and Loki's names. They don't suit them one bit, and lately it seems every second dog I see online has the name Loki or Odin. My ex named them, I had no input to be honest. Odin was either going to be Haggis or Odin, and Loki I just agreed to because I didn't want to fight and we were in the bad end bit of the relationship. Plus both were *his* dogs so I didn't really have much of a right, I guess. (Although he didn't even consider keeping either once we broke up, but that worked out good for me in the end. No way was I leaving them.) They feel pretentious, and sometimes I feel a bit silly when someone asks their name and I say "Um.. Loki and Odin." Then they say "Aren't those God names?" and I sheepishly say "Yeah. Norse Gods."  And then I feel dumb and pretentious while Odin licks his balls and Loki fancy prances. The opposite of Gods. They're more like:
-Angus (aka Odin. He'd fancy a pint down at the pub after a long day of working on the farm. He's a good looking stud who works hard and likes to relax at the end of the day)

-..and Horatio (aka Loki. He's my fancy lad. He'd wear a lapel corsage to a fancy dress party and take Salsa dancing lessons.)

Anyways. Just saying. I dislike their names. One day I really want to be able to pick out a pet and name it. I've always been given/rescued my animals, but it would be nice one day to have my English Bulldog. I'll probably be 60, but it will happen!

Oh wait. I have named animals mind you! I named my kitty Frida in Vancouver (who was a random gift from a friend after my bird died and I was depressed. He thought a cat would help close the wound.) I named Carrot and Cabbage, my two wild kitties as well.
Maybe it's not about choosing the animal, but rather having the animal choose you? One day an english bulldog will choose me though, right?

Now I'm going to love on my pups because I feel bad for saying I hate their names. :(

For the record? June's name suits her perfectly!


  1. You can change their names! Seriously. They'll get used to it. They probably hate their names too. ;)

  2. They've had them for 6 years now, but maybe I'll slowly start calling them something else. Thanks :)