Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Braids!

All are hand painted Corriedale. Also a blast from the past is giving me major photo problems. I re did Willy Wonka! 2 braids (8oz) of that are waiting on me to figure out how to get my little Fuji point and click to capture the super bright fuschia, purple, yellow and aqua.  It's not an exact replica because I changed up the purple and there is less colour mixing- but here is what the first version looked like all spun up as a 2 ply:

It's bright and will make for an ultra fun yarn. Fingers crossed that I get some good light tomorrow!

Now for the new braids I just listed:
 Cordial: Brown, pale purples, cream and maroon

 Garden Gnome 1- Red, navy, green and brown.

 Garden Gnome 2. I love these two. They're quite dark, but they have a cool vintaged edge that I really like.

 Vertigo: Butter yellow, black, orangey red and pink. This was a random colour whim that turned out quite neat (If I do say so myself.)

Wetlands: Sandy brown, navy blue, mossy green and hints of white.

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