Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Focus on a Fiber Artist: Fateful Fiber!

Fateful Fiber is the new etsy shop on the block, and you may think that means it's a tad bit early to focus on right? Not at all! Why can I recommend this shop with absolutely no reservations? Because I've been lucky enough to be friends with the artist behind the shop for at least 2 years now, and she's a lovely soul with wonderful taste. Not just that, but she's a complete gem of a kind hearted person, and that is 100% the sort of shop I'd love to get behind.

Fateful Fiber is a brand new shop specializing in handspun yarns, fingerless gloves and "other amusements". I also know for a fact that she's busy trying to source fun geeky inspired "amusements" (I won't say what it is, since they're her idea and I don't think the idea is out in the masses yet) but they will be cute and unique.

Okay enough with the gushing, check out some of these yarns! (all photos used with permission and are copyright Fateful Fiber 2010)
 This is something she's called DFTBA which stands for "Dandelions Fly Through Blue Air" and also "Don't Forget to be Awesome", which probably has some geeky reference that I'm ashamed not to know. But isn't it gorgeous? *swoon*

This is Harry Dresden, from a series of books that I've been meaning to read *forever* but will probably enjoy reading far more when I'm fondling this yarn at the same time.
Um. Fondling sounds so... creepy guy next door. I mean petting, or hugging.
Give Fateful Fiber a lookeloo, or add it to your circle to keep up to date on her gorgeous creations. I know she'll be adding more in time since she's just gotten started. Welcome to Etsy Fateful Fiber! I can't wait to see what you add next.

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  1. The DFTBA is a reference from the Nerdfighters, which is the community that sprung up around Hank and John Green's vlogging experiment a few years back. You can find out more about them at