Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lazy Day!

Today is rainy and chilly enough that all I want to do is hang out in my pajamas on the couch and knit knit knit. Loki (Husky Cross on the right) and June (Chocolate Lab on the left) had the same idea though. We tried really hard in the past to keep them off the furniture but they'd go into ninja mode and slink around waiting for their chance to jump up and hunker down. Now we keep an old blanket up there 24/7 so we can at least pretend they're not going to ruin the couch. I don't have pets, I have furry squatters. But they're great so they get to stay.

Unfortunately my husband's scarf got pushed aside to make some convertible gloves for a friend. He understands though, it's not exactly scarf weather here in the south yet.
The gloves I'm knitting are the Podster Glove by Glenna C. (That link goes to Ravelry, as a heads up just in case you don't have an account yet... and if you don't- why not?) and they've been nicknamed the "Happy Gloves" because the colour of the yarn is impossible to be grumpy around. It's hard to get a decent photo of the shade of greeny yellow, but trust me- it's happy. It's Knitpicks Stroll (back when it was still called Essentials) in Granny Smith:
 Wow. That is a horrible picture. If you want some better shots of the colour here is a link to the yarn search on rav. It's a gorgeous yellow green, but I'm photographically challenged today. The orange line is my stitch marker for the convertible top I'm just about to begin knitting. They're adorable gloves and a great pattern.

In shop related news people began receiving their packages yesterday and I'm so glad everyone is enjoying what they bought! I can't wait to see pictures of all the beautiful yarn and projects people are going to create. I'd love it if you didn't mind sharing! You can reach me here, at the facebook page, on Ravelry (I'm Gnomenapper there) at Etsy and at my e-mail dyeingforewe at gmail dot com. With your permission I'd love to make a post of user created yarn and items.

Happy Spinning/knitting everyone!

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  1. You have my permission to use any pictures I post of your stuff that I've bought :)