Monday, November 22, 2010

Once Upon a Time a Girl Dreamed of Swimming in Fiber....

(Did the fiber draw you in? Because if so, we're like souls.)

You've possibly come from my Etsy Shop: Dyeing For Ewe, stumbled across me through some sort of fibery site, found my twitter: Dyeingforewe, (and my personal twitter: Gnomenapper) or found me through my Facebook page: Dyeing For Ewe. You probably have some idea of who I am and what I do by now, but just in case: Hi! I'm Gnomey, sometimes known as Carrie, and can frequently be found dyeing fiber and spinning yarn. Pleased to meet you! I've had a blog on Livejournal for many years now, but thought I should join something a bit easier to personalize. Here I am.
I love what I do. If I'm not spinning fiber I'm obsessing over dyeing fiber or purchasing more fiber to dye/spin. One of my favorite things to do is to oogle the art of my fellow dyers and spinners, or shoot the breeze with fellow fibery folks. It's my art and passion and come by it honestly through my blood.

I also love scooters, and every Etsy purchase from my shop gets a free scooter ride on it's way to the Post Office. Think of it as your fiber/yarn getting to live on the wild side a bit before finding its way into your safe hands.

I'm currently keeping busy getting things ready for my first annual Black Friday sale on the 26th, and will update with teasers as I unveil them. Please consider buying handmade or hand making gifts for people on your holiday gift lists this year. It doesn't have to be from me (although I'd be honored if it was). Think about buying locally, or supporting small businesses as you contemplate what gifts you will be giving this season and what supplies you need to hand craft your item.

Now to get you drooling, here is some of what I've been working on recently, found in my shop of course.

My dream one day is to have a pile of yarn and fiber big enough to jump in and swim around a bit. 


  1. When the pile gets big enough, will you invite me over so I can swim too? :D

    Your fiber looks lovely. I need to do more spinning again so I can justify buying some. Have you discontinued dying yarn? There doesn't seem to be much in your Etsy shop lately.

  2. Sure! Maybe we can make a day of it and invite our fellow fibery friends.
    Thank-you! I wasn't feeling the commercial yarn base dyeing as much as I enjoy fiber to be honest. I'm not saying I won't do it again in the future, but currently I'm clearing it out to make room for the batts. I'm still hand spinning yarn though.