Saturday, November 27, 2010

Update: Black Friday Sale 2010

All packages are in the capable hands of the US Postal service (and some on to the slower hands of Canada post- eep) and will hopefully arrive in a timely manner. I ship though paypal which sends an e-mail with the tracking information (on domestic orders only, unfortunately International doesn't get insurance/delivery tracking options) so feel free to stalk your items! If you didn't get an e-mail let me know and I can send you your tracking information.

Thank-you again everyone, I can't wait to hear all the feedback once you receive your package.
I decided to keep the free shipping on every item (minus clearance) in the shop. Happy Holidays!

Now I have plans to do nothing but sit on my bum and knit on this scarf (with Berroco Ultra Alpaca) for my husband.  Isn't it funny that no matter how long you've been knitting you still end up knitting scarves?

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