Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Package Stalking

Days like today I feel a tad guilty that we have such wonderful weather, and others are already tired of the cold and snow.
(Apologies for the dark cellphone picture, my camera is currently in Georgia with the hubby, who I refer to as G most of the time.)

Kind of dark, but you get the picture. It's sunny, kind of leafy, yet you can get away with jeans and a t shirt. I've been riding my scooter in a down vest and fingerless mitts. I don't normally have to turn on my AC or heat in October, but no heat in November is starting to feel a bit weird. I'm a Vancouver girl (rain) who lived in Ontario (cold, snow snow snow) for 2 years so I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth. I do love me the south where right about now the worst thing I have to worry about is gusts of wind creating mini leaf tornadoes. Although, my neighborhood really needs an eager child who is willing to rake my leaves for a reasonable price. (I'm hoping if I put that out there, one will show up.)

Now for a horrible segway into what I really wanted to talk about: Package stalking. I'm a package stalker of the worst kind. I probably should join some sort of self help group for my insane need to hover over any tracking information I receive for something I've ordered online. (I do the majority of my shopping online because I live in the country.)
I thought perhaps I could share the warning signs of a package stalking issue (or non issue. I actually kind of like the thrill of the wait some times. It makes your package even more exciting when you get it right?)

You May Be a Package Stalker If:
-You check the status of your shipment multiple times a day. (Or hour)
-You have a chair within view of your mailbox so you can see when the post arrives.
-Approximate length of time to deliver to obscure parts of the country? You know them.
-You wake up hopeful that "today may be the day it arrives!"

Righto. Now I just feel lame, but you know you do it too! Admit it and you shall be free.... to stalk your packages. ;)

Feel free to add more warning signs of package stalking in the comments!

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  1. Well, I'm not going to enable your addiction and will simply mail parcels now with NO warning at all.

    Its what any person with heart would do.... so now they can come at ANY time.

    :) weever