Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Annual Black Friday Sale!!

Why am I posting the details early? Because I would LOVE it if you could share with others that may be interested. I guess I'm kind of worried it'll be like throwing a party and no one shows up. If it's a bust, I'll continue things on until the end of Monday (Cyber Monday).

Okay with no further ado here are the Black Friday Sale details!
Starting 8am est on November 26th and going until Midnight of the 27th est (as stock allows, and possibly longer.)
-Free USA and Canada shipping (on all but clearance items.) Inexpensive International shipping. 
-50% off all Clearance items! (See why I can't afford to give free shipping on these? ha.)
-Remember all those Corriedale braids I've been dyeing like a mad woman? $7.99. Yup. $7.99!
-20% off everything else! All prices will be as marked because of a mod I will be using. No need to wait for a paypal refund. (Yay!)

Now there are a few catches I should mention:
-Unfortunately these can not be combined with the 10% loyalty discount.
-No holds or reservations on items, I apologise for all the pst people that things start at 5am your time. But heck, if this thing is a bust it shouldn't be a big deal right?
-I would appreciate if you would pay in a timely manner. I will cancel sales that sit unpaid for more than 2 hours.
-No custom orders on the 26-30th. What there is is exactly what I have.
-I have zero clue how this is going to go, but normally I get shipping out in an timely manner. I'm going to try not to break that. I don't ship on weekends so that gives me until Monday to prep packages. I'll be working hard to keep shipping quick!
-I can't make any guarantees of when your items will arrive, especially to Canada and International. I have a package I've been waiting on from Canada that is in to it's third week and still no show. No clue what is up with Canada, but Australia shipping is even faster lately. Sorry about that, I have absolutely no pull with Canada post. (Or any post for that matter. Eep.)
-I'm going to be using the application "Etsy on Sale" and I know it can have a few bugs here and there. I'll be double checking to make sure all prices get changed to their sale price.

I'm still spinning (and have plans to card) so hopefully I'll be able to stock up some more items between now and the 26th. Please keep checking for new stock if you don't see anything you like! Oh and tell a friend? Pretty please?

Oh yeah, and hit me up with any other super sales. Heaven knows I'll be shopping too! *dances*

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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