Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have much to be thankful for in my life. My family, while small, is full of wonderful people. My Mum and Dad  are two of the most caring, loving, patient and encouraging people anyone could ever meet. I am thankful for my husband and our trio of 4 legged fuzzy bums who keep my world happy and fun. I am also thankful for all my friends, online and off. In a world full of sadness, heartbreak, desperation and lack of hope- I'm a truly lucky girl to know so many amazing, unique, fun and supportive people.

Happy (American) Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!
(June appears to be thankful for parents who let her sleep on the couch.)

Now what is that? You want to see my latest handspun yarn? Well shucks, who am I to deny such a request ;) 
 Here are my last 3 updates before the sale hits tomorrow morning! 

 Dusk: Falkland slubby thick and thin. Slightly fuzzy, but full of hugability. (Erm. You hug your yarns too right?)

Blood Orange is a heavy worsted single ply falkland yarn. I love the color intensity in this yarn, and am becoming addicted to single ply. I haven't used Malabrigo (I know I know! It's not sold at any of the yarn stores around me) or Manos del Uruguay, but I have used Berroco Jasper and loved every minute of it. I've almost always plyed my handspun, but I may be branching out a bit now! (Always a good thing right?)

Twisted is a Corriedale top that I hand painted (Some may remember "Little Boy Blue"?) and wrapped in thread. It created a really unique one of a kind art yarn that I was planning on using to make a hat or something, but never got around to it. My Black Friday Sale is a way for me to clear out some stock, so I gingerly added this prize to the bunch. I added it to clearance because I know it'll require an adventurous home.

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  1. Hey Ewe!!!


    We love your's so colourful (Canadian, eh?) and easy to read. Your Mum and Dad are so happy for you. Your bubbly, happy personality and positive outlook are contagious. Plus...your passion for fiber and working with your hands "keeps it in the family".

    We look forward to your posts.

    Hugs, Dad and Mum