Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Sale Update: Thank-you!!


I'm finding myself lacking for words everyone. Although a word that keeps coming to mind over and over is: Thank-you!
Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. Truly. Here I was worrying my Black Friday sale would be like throwing a party and no would would come, but instead I found myself getting up at 730am and having one of the warmest (and busiest) days I've ever had. Now I don't mean warm as in a temperature, but warm as in 'I'm covered in happy fuzzy feelings of wonderment and joy' sort of thing.

Okay I'm gushing I know. But seriously, everything started off with the adorable Jennypie waking up early just for lil ol'me and my fiber, and then it was just one friend and customer after another coming out to support my little shop. Heck even my parents called me from Canada to find out about items, and I was fielding messages from friends sending me good wishes and asking how my first annual Black Friday was going.

Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you!

Now on to today.
This was my wrapping and shipping station half way through the day (I'm a bit anal about being organised.)
 Everything I needed to wrap and ship. You can't see my laptop is to the right so I could keep checking and printing off invoices and shipping labels.
Funny thing? I still managed to lose a pen somewhere. Sooo.. if you find a pen in your package, um. Sorry?

This was packages prepared and ready by 230. When an order came in, it was packaged as soon as I could. (I am a package stalker afterall, so fast shipping is important to me.) I'm proud to say everything ordered by 330pm is already in the capable hands of the US Postal service. I wish I got a photo of my favorite Postal worker. Friday is always a busy day for packages, nevermind it being the start of holiday shipping- but the poor guy had *also* been up since midnight because his wife dragged him to the Wal-Mart Black Friday sale and they shopped until 6am! Apparently Wal-mart was giving out energy drinks. Crazy.

Whoops, tangent.

Just a gentle nudge- my Black Friday Sale is still on until Midnight. Free shipping and 20% off some great fibers. I always find it fascinating when my personal favorites stick around so long. For instance? Valentina was my favorite of the Corriedale braids, and it was the last one to go! Stormy , Lakehouse and Tidal are my favorite braids, and they're still in the shop. I have no clue why I seem to fall in love with the ones that don't sell for awhile, but it's a habit of mine. The gradient fingering weight yarns were some of my favorite things I've done, and yet they stuck around until I offered the 50% off clearance. Shine-on is still around.

Okay. Time to see if there are still any good deals left out there, I have a feeling I'll be waiting until Cyber Monday to find anything though. I'd love to buy fiber from some other dyers, but I haven't seen many good sales out there. Anyone have any they recommend?

Hmm. I guess I wasn't lacking in words after all.

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  1. YAY for fast shipping. I was not 100% sure I should purchase anything with the upcoming move and now I know that I should receive my yarn well before the move. Awesome!