Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pretties Left!

Plenty of pretties left, but also close to being able to put my shop on vacation mode for a bit while I work out like a fiend.
I got my new workout plan from the personal trainer at the gym today. It's less time at the gym, but much more intense when I'm there. Eep!

Anyways: Pretties! Help me clear out, pretty please? With the discount the falkland braids (2 of my favorites) are under $11! Nevermind most of the hand painted hand spun yarns being like $20.00. That is ridiculous. Seriously. Christmas pressies perhaps? Use code GNOMEBREAK


Just so people don't think I'm going to turn in to a workout blog. I'm not. I may mention how things are going from time to time, but I'm still concentrating on knitting/spinning/dyeing/weaving, but less shop stuff. That'll be good though, promise. Less hawking of wares, more appreciation for the art!

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