Sunday, March 6, 2011

Finding a New Equilibrium and Socks!

Hello all!

Have you ever started something new in your life and it throws your routine all out of whack? That is where I'm at currently. Hubby and I have joined the local YMCA and I'm trying to go every day. So far I've found it awesome for energy, motivation and self esteem, but absolutely horrid when it comes to my current daily activities. I'm not exactly super busy mind you, but I had days where I dyed, days where I took pictures and listed, and really enjoyed the routine. Now I'm incorporating 3 hours (minimum) out of my days to exercise. (That's travel there and back, exercising and showering.) I'm hoping to keep at this 6 days a week and pick up some classes as well to break up the gym time.
I'm really happy that quite a few of my friends are doing the same thing because it's awesome to have a motivating group. Have you started looking at your lifestyle (or waistline) and realised it's time to get healthy? I had to face that my favorite activities, dyeing, weaving, spinning and knitting aren't exactly the most high energy of activities, so I'm trying to find a healthy balance.
With that said, I'm sure I'll find a new routine soon! Sunday is my day off so I'm thinking I'll break out the dyes today and get on it.

During the week evenings are still all mine to knit/spin or weave though and I've put them to good use knitting. I finished my February socks:
They're a slip stitch heel sock knit on 2.50 needles (47" harmony fixed circulars) 2 at a time with Knitpicks Gloss in Winternight. (The colour is much nicer in person, like a radiant sapphire. If you're a blue fan, this yarn colour is for you.) I mailed them off to the recipient before I could get a completed photo. Whoops! They're man sized though, big and hopefully on the loose size for a size 11 foot. I loved working with this yarn, it has a shine and softness that can only be found in the merino/silk blend, but I didn't find it splitty or fuzzy in the slightest. I'm not sure how hard wearing they will be, but they're meant to be comfy around the house socks.

Now I'm working on my March socks! They're another pair of slip stitch heel socks using 2.25 needles (47" harmony fixed circulars) 2 at a time with Knitpicks Chroma in Prism. Chroma is an interesting yarn because it's a single. There are many fluctuations in yarn gauge from a teensy tiny thread (think laceweight but thinner) to a robust sport even DK. I'm trying to draft out the super thick parts, (yay for spinning skills). So far I'm loving how the colour is knitting up (I did it opposite on purpose. Fun eh?), it's really soft and it's getting a fuzzy halo.  They'll be comfy, but I'm interested to see how they wear with time. Nice thing is I can always make Mum more, but in the meanwhile she'll get these fun ones.

Colour is a bit off on that quick snap, but it's a great ROYGBIV rainbow. I like how it's meeting at the purple and then will hopefully continue it's opposite colour progression. It's been a fun knit so far, watching the colours change.

On a related tangent. Why am I showing pictures and progress of socks that are meant as gifts? Because the recipients (these are for my Mum) are far off and know they're getting socks since they asked nicely for them, so why not include them in how things are going? I'm always late with handmade items (bit notorious for it really) so I thought maybe keeping my parents in the loop will let them see how things are going.

Once I'm finished these socks I think I'm headed back to weaving though, that sampler is mocking me I tell you. Mocking!


  1. That's wonderful you are hitting the gym! Its a slog at first, but you'll come to enjoy it (after the aches and pains wear off!)
    I'm out walking 2-4 times a day with Calli and I can feel a difference already and enjoying the fresh air (now that spring is starting to put in an appearance)

    The socks look great Hun! Thanks a bunch... following along is a neat way to stretch out the fun!

    yer dear ole mum

  2. I LOVE those rainbow socks! They are spectacular!

    So I don't know if you have looked at my blog in a while, but I posted some embroidery photos and there is one for you if you want it! :D