Sunday, March 27, 2011

Operation Gnomebreak

Operation GNOMEBREAK (that is the 30% off discount code btw) is going really well!
Check out my poor for sale roving tub:

Normally that is over flowing and I have more tubs with batts, yarn, undyed, addins etc. that also hold the dyed roving overflow. I love everything left, and it always surprises me when personal favorites are the last to go. You can get the Tallulah's for under $11 a piece, for falkland! The merino/silk blend of Teddy Bear Picnic is like.. um.. *math skills lacking* under $13.

The majority of the handspuns turn out under $20.00 with the 30% discount. That's an amazing price on handspun, especially hand painted.

So yeah. I'm done with my spiel. Help me spring clean!

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