Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Very First Weaving Project Completed!

I finished my weaving sampler! I must admit that it dragged on a bit, and then got pushed aside while I knit a bunch of socks. But I pulled it back out the other night and finished last night! Well, finished the warp, but I still have to figure out what I'm going to do with the ends. 
Specifics are vague. I just warped on a super long warp that ended up being just over 1 foot wide and I think it's nearly 8ft long! I used three different yarns. It's warped with a light fingering/lace weight red wool, weft with the red, a blue of the same yarn (I think it may be handspun? I received it as a gift from my Mum already in cakes) and then at the end I used up the last bit I had remaining of the fingering weight Chroma in the Prism colourway. This is all on a 15" Schacht Flip rigid heddle loom.

Keep in mind this is my first ever solo weaving project pretty please? I'm quite happy with it. (Although I have zero clue what to do with such an oddly shaped item) Tons of mistakes, but I like that I leaned from them and eventually got the edges and weave density (is that the right term for how hard I beat the weft?) worked out. I have no clue what to do with the ends yet lol. 

I'm hooked though! I don't know what to warp next, some thicker handspun or that ball of Chroma I have. I loved how it worked up at the end there. I'm also gratefully accepting any tips and criticism. I love to learn! I have a rigid heddle book waiting on me to give it a good read, but I wanted to have a handle on what was going on so I could understand what I was reading.

 I love the rainbow at the end!

 Here it is, I almost couldn't get it all in one photo.

 I was playing around with my pickup stick and figuring out what happened when I put it up and down. I ended up with the little stripe pattern there.

 Hard to see, but that is a really open weave there, almost netting- with my hand underneath.

 I was beating REALLY tight. It's pretty much solid weft for quite some time. Then I realised I needed to lighten up, which if I recall correctly was my problem when I was 16 as well.

 Tight tight, but I was figuring out how to change colours without gross spaces and such.

 Pickup stick section.

 You can see how I went from super tight (top solid blue) to looser beating so you can actually see the warp red coming though.

 More netting interspersed with too tight beating. The edges are getting better!

 Looser, yay! I was getting the hang of not beating the poop out of my weft.

 Tight red. That is super tight actually.

 Rainbow Chroma! I loved weaving with it. Using a fun yarn really makes things more enjoyable for sure.

 The end. What do I do with it now? How do I get the weft not to loosen like that?

 The beginning, look at that gross edge! Oh and the grey yarn just to start off. Um.. Do I pull that out now?

 Showing off my edges. Not too shabby!

 Edges on one side. (The better side.)

Bad edge. Booo. Go away bad edge.

So that's it! I'm hooked now, but I don't know how much yarn I need to do a handspun scarf, or the warping dimensions. So I'm going to read up on that (tips welcome) so I know what sort of yardage I need to have on hand to finish a good size scarf. Is 396 yards of fingering weight Chroma enough for a scarf perhaps? I'm thinking of using some cream palette for the warp.


  1. Well done my dear Dotter!
    Your edges look not too bad for a first time project! When you beat hard and all you can see is the weft, then that's a weft faced project (tapestry are like this) So it goes that seeing only warp means its warp faced. When you sett the warp at the right spacing AND beat apropiately then you will see a balance of warp and weft. This is what weavers aim for when doing plain weave. (Twill has a slight difference which you and I can talk about later)
    Read the section in your book on setts and weights of yarns.

    What to do with the ends? Well check at my blog for a tutorial on hemstitching (which is done on the loom for next time) and how to twist fringes. Look on the right hand side of the blog and the heading 'Topic Shopping' :)

    Well Done!
    Yer Mum

  2. WOW that looks lovely! I love the Chroma at the end!