Monday, February 28, 2011

Socks, a Southern Belle and Lincoln Longwool

I finished my Daddy's girl socks and feel really happy to have them out and mailed. They are HUGE. But then again, I think all male feet are massive unwieldy looking things, so the socks are probably about right. Gosh if I didn't forget to take a post blocking photo so I could share. Poop! I mailed them off today, but hopefully my Dad will take a photo I can steal. January and February socks completed and I cast on my March socks just last night during the Oscars. How have your 12 socks in 12 months goals been going?

Let's discuss the Oscars eh? I love watching award shows. I'm not a fancy sort of girl, but I enjoy seeing people dressed up to the nines and looking glamorous. It's like walking art to me. But last night? Gosh if that wasn't the most boring Oscars I've seen in some time. I just couldn't get in to it one bit. It felt slow and plodding, stunted at parts. I think the only acceptance speech I almost teared up at was Christian Bale. What did you think of the whole thing? I honestly wanted Anne Hathaway and James Franco (yum) to kill it, but alas. They didn't suck though. Maybe it's just me, but I just couldn't get interested at all.

Enough of my rambling, how about some fiber? 4 braids up in the shop today with 2 new colourways. I LOVE both. I know I always say that, but truly these are hug worthy and the shades turned out great.

Tallulah Belle 1 Hand painted on Falkland with soothing tones that remind me of a southern belle. Colour placement is sporadic.

Tallulah Belle 2

Inlet 1 and Inlet 2 are unique in the fact that they're chock full of colours and hand painted on a rare longwool named Lincoln Longwool that has been imported from the UK. They're a huge sheep breed with lovely long curls which are shiny, durable, lustrous and fun to spin. Spin them with a low twist and they give a mohair halo to any yarn. When I looked on etsy to find how others were pricing their lincoln braids I couldn't find a single other braid! Not sure why, but I absolutely loved dyeing it up.  I only wish I could fully photograph all the colours in these braids. I find it to be softer than the Wensleydale I've dyed recently, but that is just my opinion.

Have you ever spun Lincoln Longwool? What were your thoughts on it?

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