Friday, February 25, 2011

Best Sock Bag Ever?

Possibly! I have to squee a little bit here, so please forgive my enthusiasm? I saw a fabric combination online somewhere in my travels and *fell in love*. But alas, I don't sew. What's the next best thing? A friend who makes amazing sock bags (I carry my batty bag around with me everywhere now) who was willing to buy the fabric and make me a sock bag of my found creation! Faye of The Silver Pumpkin is awesome. Just to point out the obvious.

Check out the combination! I kept calling it Sugar Skulls even though the fabric is technically called Bonehead, and the plaid is a Brady Bunch named fabric. I love the combo, the colours pair perfectly but add a cool visual contrast, and Faye did a gorgeous job. She even made extra! I wish I could remember at what blog I read about this combination so I don't go and steal anyone's thunder. Whoever that was had great taste though!

Sugar Skulls Sock Bag
All photos belong to Faye of The Silver Pumpkin

I can't wait for mine to get here. *happy dance*

This is bad though, because now I've found the big wonderful world of adorable fabrics. I'm still learning to weave, I *can't* pick up sewing yet... right? Weaving needs sewing though eh? I mean, for the edges... Hmmmm.

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  1. That is very cool!
    I bought a bunch of clearance fabric from Joann's a couple of weeks ago feeling inspired to make a case for my Nook. I am not a very good sewer. Just one more craft to add to my ever growing list hehe.