Friday, February 18, 2011

Scooter- the other Gateway drug

50cc Scooters are such a gateway drug!
(That's the statement I'm about to prove at least.)
Today was gorgeous here in Davie County, NC. The sun was shining, there was enough of a breeze to be pleasant, but not chilly, and you could comfortably go outside in jeans and a tshirt. What do all the Mocksvillians with modes of transport on 2 wheels do? They flock to the roads! I couldn't believe the amount of motorcycles, scooters and bikes out today. (Myself included.) And I wave at every single one of them as I pass.
I mean, it's the polite 2 wheel club thing to do. Not everyone waves but that's cool. I'd like to think they at least smiled at me. Or maybe they don't want to be associated with the weirdo on the scooter with the aviator goggles and a black half helmet?
Back to my original proclamation. I hear all the bigger engines of the motorcycles going by and covet big time. I would love to upgrade to a 300cc scooter so I can blow the minds of the cars and motorcycles as I pass them by.
One day! I got over my fear of the roads and now I want more.. more speed! Cars are fine, but the feel of air rushing over you is unreal on a beautiful day. Not much beats that feeling.

I don't have a picture to go with this post, unfortunately. But if you're interested in a ninja discount the first person to say "scooter" in their message to seller will get 25% off their entire purchase (minus shipping)! Refunded via paypal.
(I'll edit this when the discount is gone.)
Edit: The Discount has been claimed! 

Now let's hope the weather holds for when my best friend arrives. 2 sleeps!

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