Saturday, February 5, 2011

Free Angora! (Paying it Forward)

Yuppers. Free super soft bunny fur to a good home!
I was very fortunate to have a friend give me some fiber from his well loved bunnies, but unfortunately I appear to be allergic. (Sneezing and itchy.) The only fiber I've found I am allergic to in fact. Sad :(
Either way I'd love if this 9.4oz of soft grey/white angora would go to a good home that will make use of it, because it's just sitting here going to waste.
I don't mind what you do with it, and if you love it I'll be more than willing to point you towards my friend Jamie for more. I'd have to check if he's selling first.

The only caveat is that you'd need to card and pick through it yourself. It's raw, unwashed and has lumps, bumps, matts and tangles. It would be great for blending, keep the bumps for added texture and you could spin some great rustic super soft yarns.

So here are the specifics:
I'll pay the shipping within the US and Canada, I may ask a tiny amount if it was super expensive to ship internationally elsewhere.
-9.4ish oz of raw soft grey/white angora. No give backs or complaints. It's free!
-I don't know much about angora, but I have some great people I can direct you to if you have any questions. I've been told on numerous occasions not to wash it before spinning, which is why it was kept dirty. I'm not sure how accurate that is. I do know that angora looks great dyed up.
-You can do almost anything you want with it, yarn, felting, swath yourself in a bunny lined parka. It's all good. I'd love to see photos though (but not a requirement). I can't stop you from reselling it, but I'd prefer if you didn't just put your name in to resell the fiber. I'd really like for it to go to a home that adores angora, or is new to it and wants to give this a shot. Feel free to sell your yarn/dyeing etc. from it though!
-100% random. I'll just pick a name from a hat.

Just comment showing your interest and I'll draw a name on Friday, February 11th. 


  1. Ooh... I love angora! Never had a chance to play with it as raw fibre though. Sounds exciting! lol.


  2. I'll put my name in the hat too :) Bunny yarn is sooo nice.

  3. I loveeee angora! I had a lovely angora sweater many years ago and I really really miss it. If I won I'd probably spin it, or have it spun for me since I'm still just a beginner, and make another sweater!

  4. Please put my name in the hat. I would love to incorporate this with my alpaca fiber. I just learned (self-taught) how to spin and I just bought the book on blending fibers with a drum carder.

    Thank you

  5. WOW.. what an incredible idea. I have spun Angora a few times.. and LOVE IT!! just do not have the opportunity/$$ to purchase it..
    I am happy to be able to toss my name in the hat for it. If I win I will even MAKE hats with it.. lol

  6. I would love some angora fiber please

  7. Me please:) How generous of you, and would love a chance to get some yummy bunny fiber.

  8. Very much interested! Haven't gotten to try angora.

    And so sorry about your allergies!

  9. Oooh! Me! Me! I need a distraction from that 20oz of Merino!

  10. This is both kind and very generous of you to offer your angora fiber in this contest. It's such a lovely colour of fiber too! Must of come from one very cute bunny. Wouldn't dream of dyeing the stuff.

    Please put my name down in your hat. Would love nothing more to try my hands at spinning this fiber. I do everything with a drop spindle (high whorl)...and this is the perfect excuse to buy a lighter weight spindle for finner yarns and short stable fibers.

    Kylene aka Dragonlily on Rav

  11. I found the link this time. I'm sorry to hear about your allergy to angora.

    I'd LOVE to give your angora fur a loving home. I'm new to angora but have never spun it yet. I'm hoping to make some mittens...or a scarf...or a hat...something nice and fluffy.

    Cindel on Rav

  12. Dratted allergies! It must be so annoying.

  13. Wow, Angora is the one fiber I have not tried yet. I am sorry that you are allergic, but what wonderful gesture to offer it to someone else. I will keep my fingers crossed that I might get to try some!
    I seldom check my gmail so use this email addy for me - mylists at

  14. Gorgeous color! I love angora and haven't had more than a handful to spin here and there. I'd love to have enough for a project and I do have a set of handcards!

    I'm jaguarrior on Ravelry :)

  15. I've always wanted to work with angora, and always been sad that I didn't spin back when I was 12 and had my bunny.

  16. Please put my name in the hat! I LOVE to spin angora; it's like pouring warm cream over your fingers. And so soft and cuddly when knitted up into small shawls1

  17. how sad to be allergic to that gorgeous fiber :(
    i would love to get my name dropped in there too
    you're going to pull a rabbit out of a hat!
    very sweet of you to do this!
    good luck to all

  18. Ooooh, this would be fun to play with! Your sneezes would be our gain :) Put my name in the hat too.

  19. I've never tried Angora. This would be a great opportunity for me.

  20. I also love working with bunny fluff. My favorite use is to blend 15-20% angora with a very fine wool like cormo. When spun to a heavy lace weight then knitted or woven it would create a beautiful scarf with a wonderful halo which feels simply divine next to the skin. When used this way 9 oz. goes a very long way. Who ever receives this fiber is in for a treat. Good luck to all. Remember to pay it forward in return if you are selected. Thanks for doing this, what fun!!


  21. What a lovely idea! We should all be as generous with the things tht come our way! Please, throw my name in the hat... and crumple it up a bit... the way you do when you want your ballot to stand out!!

  22. I'll play too. I have been exposed a little to angora and it is wonderful to spin. So sorry that you are allergic. I have the same problem with mohair. Thanks.

  23. I would love to have your Angora.. Sorry you are not able to enjoy it! I have some Allergies too.. so understand how uncomfortable it can be.
    I would love to blend this & use it for some items for our new Grandbaby coming this summer.
    Thank you for offering it!

  24. Ooh, I've never played with raw angora before (or really, much angora of any kind.) I'd love to throw my name in the hat. I'm wingcolor on Ravelry.

  25. I love to blend this with Shetland lamb fleece - soft + soft = wonderful!
    And thank ewe for your kind consideration of others.
    Count me "in".
    Cheers from the SW!

  26. Just had a class on spinning Angora! Looking for my own bunny but would love some to play with until then. Happy to pay shipping charges. I spin and loom knit for various charities.
    Please enter me in your drawing.
    I'm HiddenGemAlpacas on Ravelry.

  27. I love angora. Started to spin it last summer. What I spun was from a german angora bunny! Soft, beautiful, and did I mention soft! wish I had more of it and i would roll around in it, because i love the feel of it so much.

    thanks for offering and happy spinning!


  28. What a great giveaway! Enter me please I would love to blend it in with my art batts!

  29. Please Place my name in the hat for the angora. that would be a new fiber to me but hear its so lovely to spin up! Sorry you have allergies to bunny, you are going to make someone very happy! Heather

  30. I'd like to add my name to the list... I'm spinning up some Tunis lamb wool blended with angora now...very nice!

  31. I'm interested, too. I'm a new spinner (less than a year) and currently have no fiber animals at my disposal. Just got my first wheel this week! I'd be happy to pay shipping.

  32. So sorry that you are allergic to bunny fiber. I would love to try spinning bunny. This is a new fiber for me.

  33. I would love some Angora so I can blend it with Alpaca.
    PLEASE.... add my name into the hat!

  34. Please add my name to the hat. I would love to give angora a spin. I have never spun it before.

    Happy spinning to everyone,

  35. I would LOVE to have a chance to have some angora! Please add my name to the hat! What a wonderful offer!

  36. Mary sends: I want to learn to spin and am very interested in Angora rabbits. My husband retires from the Army this year and we plan to buy a small farm, so this would be a great way for me to learn if I want to raise Angoras for their wool. Getting a chance to learn about the fiber for free would be a wonderful gift!