Sunday, January 30, 2011

Antique Store Finds: Great Wheel!

Doesn't it seem like you're always hearing stores about how people found amazing wheels in flea markets and antique stores? Or is it just me? Well let me tell you, I've searched for years in stores, online at craigslist and the like without a single "super" find. I ended up giving up the hunt and buying a wheel brand new. I'm glad I did, but I still like to look around and put my name in shops just in case. You'd think with the age of the area in which we live that I would stumble across a wheel every now and again, but this time was the first!

Pictures from an antique store in the country. They're all from my camera phone and bad quality because it was super cramped. One of the best finds there? A HUGE great wheel! I don't know a single thing about them, but this one is super old, in the condition you'd expect from something with great age.
I didn't buy anything, but just being there was a cool adventure. It was so packed you had to follow an open path around the house from room to room. There were even things in what used to be the bathroom!

The shop is a big ol' house in bad need of paint and with tons of frick frack on the yard. I wasn't sure what to expect.

I'm getting right in to the fiber related pictures so you don't get bored and miss out. These wooden spools were really cool, and they look to be loaded with a fine handspun even! Does anyone know what they'd be used for? They've been haunting me since we went, I may have to go back and pick them up.

I have to admit I almost walked right past the Great Wheel, I was scoping out the cool old baby pram, then realised there was a wheel in front of me.

I don't know enough about antiques to know what sort of condition the wheel was in, or what was missing. It needed some cleaning up, but I loved the age on it. Asking price? $850.00. It stayed in the shop.

There were cool little things all over! You walked around the rooms of the house and it was just jam packed with items which ranged from old, to tacky or quirky and cool. I really loved this doll head but my husband hought it was creepy. It even had the hand painted on lips and hair. Too cool.

All sorts of old tonics and empty cool bottles.

 Even the closets had items on disply. You could barely get in to check out all the neat things on the shelves though.

 Upstairs! I thought the hallway was neat. At the top is a super old looking (I say looking because I have no clue how to judge a real antique from a fake) phone. Lots of old signs and pictures.

 Living room with velvet sofa and matching fringe lamps. If the room wasn't packed with brick a brack it would have been a picture out of an old southern romance novel.

This picture turned out funny with the grey lines, but look! It's a bathroom full of antiques lol.

... and to prove we're in the south- cotton bolls! These were old and dried out, but still cool.

Have you ever found anything fibery related at a flea market or antique store?


  1. Looks like a fun time! Those are weaving pirns (if no ends on them) and bobbins if they do. The yarn is most likely too old now.

    All that 'age' on the old wheel is called patina. There is the thought that the antique is more valuable for leaving it there.... but if its still useable, then I think it should be restored and used. But restored authentically.

    $850 is a bit steep for a great wheel...I've seem them cheaper. That one better work for that price!

    Too bad we didn't go antiquing in Vernon when you were here... they have scores of shops!


  2. All cool shots! Yikes, that seems a lot for a great wheel. I've seen a few around here as well in our Antique shops. I like to take Elaby Antiquing because she LOVES to peek into the old shops :)