Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just Another Day in the Country

Have you ever woken up and looked out the window to see a huge bull running around your backyard?
Not even just running around, but  the *minute* you look out the window the bull is standing there looking back at you?

I can officially say I belong to that club. It's a small one, but I'm sure I can't be the only one who has had this happen. Right?
This needs pictures to properly form the hilarity and chaos in your mind.

I live on a county road. It's paved and all that, but it's outside of city limits with lots of fields around. Across the street from me is a huge piece of land with horses, up the street a bit is a huge field with a large bull.
This bull:
Size is hard to judge based on that picture, but he's huge. Taller than me and
W I D E.
I guess he got out somehow and decided to spend his morning running crazy up and down the street and in my yard. It was just... I still laugh about it even now because it was just so random and unreal. I'm a city girl. If it wasn't in the Vancouver Aquarium or a petting zoo (or a deer/skunk/coyote/bear) I hadn't seen it live and up close.
Are bulls always that freaking big?

I digress.
I recall hearing the dogs growling, so I looked out my window half awake and saw the bull. In my hazy state I called out to my husband "Um. Is there a bull looking at me from our yard?"
My husband had to call 911. For real. (I'm laughing just thinking about it.)
"Um Hi, I want to report a bull running around the neighbourhood?" To 911's credit they didn't even hesitate and immediately asked where the bull was. Got to love life in the country eh?

At this point the bull had gotten bored of our yard, of eating the ivy off my neighbours' house and of running up and down the street, so he decided to go into the horse field. We didn't actually see how they caught him, I'm ashamed to admit I fell back asleep and my husband went back to work. I can only imagine it was hilarious and worthy of a Benny Hill sketch.

The bull (which my neighbors think is named Amos Junior) left us some cool souvenirs in our yard that I just found today though!

They're wider around than my hand. Now I really want to know what happened to Amos Junior. I hope he's back in his field and a bit less lonely than I assume he must be by himself every day.

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  1. That would something to wake up to! One summer we were camping in Custer State Park in S. Dakota, when we woke up one morning, walked out our door to find a buffalo standing right there. Needless to say we all went back inside until it moved off :-)