Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weaving Day 2

Still working away on my learning warp. I'm turning it into a sampler of sorts I guess, just playing about and seeing how things go. My edges are still my #1 area of improvement, but I'm getting the hang of the motions and really enjoying myself. I may google a bit to see if I can find any easy rigid heddle patterns that I can try out and add to my sampler here.

I can't wait until I feel comfortable enough to break out the handspun!

I like the red on red better I think. I tried alternating dense with open weave, fun times!


  1. Hey, Looking good! The edges have improved a lot.
    Be sure to leave enough weft in the shed to reduce the draw in... angle it upwards so that as you beat, the yarn can take what it needs. Clear as mud? :)

    The denser sections look...well 'beaten'. Maybe a light tap would suffice?


  2. Like a big angle of yarn across then beat? Talia mentioned that and it seems to he helping a lot. My left side selvage is much better than my right so far, but I'm working on it! I even did some pick up stitches last night to play around with what happens when I do different things (pictures to come.)
    I'll practice beating lighter! If I recall correctly that was my problem when I was 16 too eh?
    <3 Thank-you for all the tips and advice!

  3. Weavers who have been at it for many years complain that one edge is always better than the other!
    I see you are getting some new visitors! My peeps are coming to cheer you on!

    Weever :)

  4. That looks AWESOME! Well done for a first try!! ooh it makes me want one so bad :)