Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I was Interviewed!

I was interviewed for a blog! Little ol' me! Thank-you so much Kira from Wired Galaxy, you're a doll and it was a blast.

You can check out her interview here: Wired Galaxy

It won't come as any surprise to anyone who knows me that I rambled on a bit. Oops!

What is a blog post without a picture eh? I'm spinning up some lovely Superwash BFL from UrbanGypZ called "Little Giraffe." Pretty! I gave my wheel a full cleanup and re oiling, checked everything out and spiffied her up before getting started- but I still find myself having take up issues. It used to be so smooth, I'm completely puzzled as to what is going on. Perhaps the temperatures?


  1. Great interview!

    It sounds like you might need to contact your wheel dealer and /or Kromski dealer and get them to help trouble shoot the problem.

    I struggled (stupidly) for a year with my wonky woolee winder and it was quickly replaced and it runs beautifully now.


  2. Great interview! I love the color of the roving!