Monday, April 4, 2011

The Glass is Always Half Full!

Still some great fibers left in the shop! The Tallulahs are gorgeous, (if you're on the fence) and there are more colours in Inlet then I could properly photograph. Plus it's not everyday you see hand painted Lincoln Longwool!
If you're looking for yarn, Life Aquatic is my favorite of the bunch (although it's like picking between children at times) with a great amount of yardage, and more blues and greens then my little point and click could capture.

Thanks for all the support so far everyone! I think I'm finally finding a flow at the gym. In the evenings I've been a lump, but I'm starting to lose the soreness and consider picking up a project. I have dreams of warping my loom with rainbow soon.
Anyone else getting in shape? A friend sent me this link and it made me stop whining about how slow the weight was coming off. Such a cool blog post eh?

Don't lose interest in my blog! I've had a run of bad computer luck lately but I have a new one coming on May 4th. Yay!


  1. ...and when it rains, it fills up even more ;)

    Good luck with the sale, the gym and the new computer!