Saturday, April 23, 2011

Now What am I Going to Do With You?

Thank-you all for the help with my rainbow scarf. I'm happy to announce it's long since finished, but sits on the desk in my kitchen mocking me for it's lack of finishing. I still need to do the fringe, wash and press it. Soon though.
Yesterday I pulled out some fiber I've had sitting since SAFF last year. An absolutely beautiful Merino/Seacell braid dyed by the amazingly talented Urban GypZ. Her use of colour to create wonderful depth and dimension in her fibers astounds me. Plus the fiber is always wonderful to spin, light, airy with zero need to do any sort of pre drafting. I know we all have favorites, based on colour and application, and Urban GypZ is easily one of mine.

Started out as this fiber:
 Top fiber named Morrel. Very badly photographed unfortunately. (The Bottom is Little Giraffe, which was also a wonderful spin) It's almost like an impressionist painting, lots of spots of colour combined to make one larger colour palette and overall experience.

Bit of a dark photo while spinning. Still a single at this point.

Finished 2 ply worsted weight yarn! My husband claimed the fiber the second I brought it home, and I'm glad I finally sat down to spin it up. It's hard to tell, but it's probably the nicest yarn I've ever spun. Nice and even, smooth (spun worsted) with a good ply. I couldn't wait and took pictures while it is still wet. Hubby was so protective of it when I brought it back inside he exclaimed "Did you bring my yarn outside?" Very cute. It's nice to know he likes it.
Now I have to figure out what to turn it in to! Hat perhaps? Gloves?
Any pattern suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  1. That really is a pretty colour combo!
    Nice job there!


  2. So pretty and tweedy! Hat and matching scarf!

  3. awwww yay for G liking it so much! :) Looks lucious!