Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sock a Long

Hello all! Have you heard about the #sockalong on twitter?

Oh my, where is my head? Basically you can knit anything you want, but most of the time we're knitting socks and using the hashtag (a way to create a central search option so all can chat back and forth with ease.)
#sockalong and showing pictures, grumbling, sharing victories and yarn squees. Anything goes really. Meet some new knitting friends and share your nightly progress. We love looking at knitting!

I'm still working away on a pair of Cubist Socks (Cookie A pattern that is fun so far.) The intended recipient ended up letting me know she doesn't actually care for hand knit socks, which gives me a fabulous excuse to knit her some mittens instead. I LOVE the colour of this yarn, which isn't showing up very well in my pictures. It's called Knitpicks Tonal in Blue Yonder. Vibrant aqua blues with a short repeat. It's such a happy colour!

The pattern is great so far, (check the edit tab on Ravelry for the download link) but take note of where it says there isn't much give to the pattern. I recommend knitting the cuff with the next size up needle, in the very least.

Slow going. I was on a roll, thinking these were going to be the fastest pair of socks I've ever knit.... and then I haven't worked on them in nearly a week. Eep!

Hope to see you on twitter! You can find me at the gnomenapper twitter handle. :)

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