Thursday, June 23, 2011

Art Batts can be spun into a 2 ply yarn!

Remember the Burn's Bog art batt from my previous post?
Here is a photo reminder:
Hand dyed Cormo top
Hand dyed Border Leicester (from raw fleece)
Kid Mohair (from raw fleece) with locks.
Pulled Sari Silk

When it comes to art batts many spin it into art yarns. Core spun and such. I decided to pull strips (lengthwise) off this batt and just spin as it came. Two singles emerged and I plyed them together with a bunch of twist into a worsted weight 2 ply yarn. The textures and varied fibers make for a fun green and brown yarn base full of specs of colour and portions of white fluffy locks.

135 yards to finish, worsted weight. Tentatively called Gypsy. I have no clue what to knit with it, but it's going to make for a great textural colour filled item!

Give an art batt a shot! Some are majorly chunky lumpy bumpy, with minimal carding. Run through a wide toothed carder once, the individual add ins are left in huge chunks. Those I'm not entirely sure of yet (seem to be best for felting perhaps?), to be honest- but a textured blended batt spun up quite nicely as singles for a 2 ply!

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