Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moving to Maine... Maybe we found a house?

Moving. Just that word makes me cringe. When we moved into our current house years ago I broke a toe and my feet were so swollen it looked like I had a wee bit of elephantitis. Oh and the purple was a lovely shade that lasted a few days.

This move will hopefully be better since we will have my husband's company doing some of the organising. I think? Oi. Full of anxiety at the moment. One big stress has been finding a house up there. G has already gone on one house hunting trip and I didn't like anything he'd seen. I've been looking through craigslist and online sites so I could get some homes together for him to view. I put up a craigslist ad with what we were looking for, hopeful that maybe the perfect home is looking for us.
Well! Sometimes good things do happen. *knock on wood* because I got an e-mail from a really nice lady with a gorgeous old house. Its huge! More house than we were looking for, but it was built in 1918 and I LOVE older homes. The clawfoot bathtub, cool stairway and lovely wood floors drew me in, and the niceness of the landlords made me covet. So yeah. Hopefully this is the one! With a home finally secured all I would have to worry about packing and finding out what sort of moving package we get.
I'm going to miss North Carolina, even Mocksville, so much. I didn't think I'd be sad to leave, yet I truly am. The south is a lovely place. But New England is a new adventure, and I'm excited for the future.

Okay, enough moving rambling. I'm still knitting socks like crazy. I'm currently working on a pair of Honey Badger socks. They're a cuff down super easy pattern that has a cool look (and an awesome name.) They've been really fast so far. This is the best picture of the yarn colour, isn't it lovely?
I've since turned the heel and am working on the foot now. It's just some decreases paired with a YO every half dozen rows or so, combined with a lot of knit stitch. Very good TV knit.

Okay, back to the gym for me soon. I've been meeting friends for the weekly abs class, then complaining about it for days afterwards. Oh and still with the bodypump classes. 32 pounds lost so far! I'll be a volunteer firefighter yet.

What has everyone else been working on?

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